Rod Stand

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Outstanding Rod Stand is performance successfully!

- 1.The wide angle when unfolded (62 degrees), leg lock, and metal pins offer high stability.
- 2.One-touch leg length adjustment (pull the lever, adjust the leg length, and close the lever at the desired length)
- 3.The support section is made up of adjustable arms for angle adjustment (10 degrees front/back)
- 4.Hooks for water buckets / pendulums to fix the stand

- 1.Unfold the left and right arms(both arms must be unfolded to make them level)
- 2.Push the unfolded arms into the slits on the main body.
- 3.Stretch the stand legs, and adjust their lengths with the lever to achieve the desired height.
- 4.Adjust the angle between the two arms in accordance with the fishing rod’s angle.


※Do not use for any purpose other than fishing.
※Do not use in case of a strong wind.
※Keep out of children’s reach.
※Store in a shaded place with mild temperature fluctuation.
※The metal pins at the tip of the legs may cause injury.
※Please cover the pins when carrying the product.
※Use caution not to get your fingers stuck when pushing or pulling the arms.

※Use caution not to get your fingers stuck when opening or closing the legs.
※Always fold the legs when carrying or moving the product.

※When using the product, make sure that the stand is facing the user so that all of the hooks below the head are visible. Attach water buckets or weights to the hooks to fix the stand.
※In case rainwater gets into the legs, flip the product and leave it until the water is drained.
※To prevent malfunction, rust, and damage, wash away sand and salt with fresh water, and leave the product on its head to dry.